Comparison with conventional technology

Conventional regular polymer alloys were unable to sufficiently reflect the unique characteristics of the respective polymers, and this had been an issue. NANOALLOY™ technology enables maximum demonstration of the unique features of each polymer prior to their alloy and thereby addresses these issues. This is being used in numerous products and Toray expects to expand its use in wide-ranging areas.

In addition, NANOALLOY™ technology can give the alloy characteristics that defy conventional wisdom of existing polymers: while the alloy displays the qualities of strong and rigid plastic in ordinary use, it changes its shape like rubber and absorbs the shock when external force is applied at the time of impact of rapid and strong shock. To take advantage of this feature, Toray has been promoting practical application in entirely new usages and fields.

Property comparison in PBT/PC resins

Property comparison in nylon resin

A comparison of mechanical properties between CFRP applied NANOALLOY™ technology and conventional CFRP

* The CFPR is fabricated from TORAYCA prepreg impregnated with impact resistance thermosetting resin that applies NANOALLOY™ technology.