Overview of the technology

NANOALLOY™ technology is an innovative microstructure control technology developed by Toray that can bring about dramatic improvement in characteristics compared to existing materials by minutely dispersing multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale.
The technology enables high performance and functionality in polymers which could not be achieved in conventional alloys of micron-metric scale (one millionth of a meter), and is a revolutionary technology whose basic patent, core process patents and utility patents are owned by Toray.

* NANOALLOY™ is a technology brand that represents Toray's high technical skills. (Technology brand denotes a brand that serves as a business source indirectly contributing to a company's operating revenue by visualizing patent-protected technologies with the brand to improve corporate image of having high technological ability and by differentiating products using such technology.)


A technology that forms polymer alloy structure combining multiple polymers in the nano-metric scale.

Polymer alloy structure includes

  1. a structure that minutely disperses multiple polymers on a nano-metric scale
  2. a structure that enables formation of a continuous 3-D structure that precisely aligns the polymers in a nano-metric scale by suppressing the self-organization effect where they combine on their own upon mixing polymers, and
  3. a structure that includes "nanomicelle," several tens of nanometer sized particles with properties of the respective materials.